KINDU Packing

KINDU Packing

KINDU Packing operates with international standards and offers professional packaging service mainly for beauty & cosmetics business. Its state of art design ability together with precision mold tooling quality and advanced decoration technology has made KINDU Packing a well-known name among its profession sector.

Kindu Packing is the corporate group of 4 different companies, and each company focuses in specific packaging service.

  • Kinhwa Plastic Industry Ltd., focuses on providing professional packaging solution for beauty & cosmetic businesses.
  • Hwason Precision Mould Co., Ltd. provides packaging design, tooling and molding services
  • Hwadu Colour Printing Co., Ltd. offers paper and card board box packaging and printing solutions.
  • Huihua Painting Co., Ltd. has advanced decoration facility and technology for packaging component decoration.

KINDU's main focus is on plastic accessories and containers for make-up products including lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eyeliners, powder boxes and compacts. The company has built up its industrial expertise by producing plastic make-up parts with professional staff and advanced equipment.

KINDU insists on providing high-quality products with the most cutting edge technology and through this has built up long term business relationship with numerous domestic and international brands.

KINDU offers a wide range of packaging decoration possibilities and its complete packaging solution service provides project planning within time and budget. The company operates based on the 7S management policy and strict quality management. KINDU is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company capable of reaching quality requirement and beyond.

KINDU operates a design and development center in Italy capturing latest trend and visualizing vivid fashion. Operating its subsidiary companies and production sites in China with efficient management and strict quality standards that are certified with most up-to-date international standards, KINDU Packing is the leading packaging solution provider in the region.

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